Doctor Who: Top 8 Unmade Stories

Sometimes it's painful to think about what could have been.

Doctor Who Unmade Over the course of the last fifty-one years, there have been many, many proposals for Doctor Who episodes that just€never made it. Wikipedia has a whole article devoted to this concept. Some of these stories never made it past the €œcocktail napkin€ stage, but others were actually bought, paid for, and ready to shoot before various things (usually cancelation), stopped them from being made. In some cases, this was a very bad thing. In other cases, such as the ideas for the American 8th Doctor TV series, this was nothing but a very, very good thing. Seriously, go read about €œThe Leaky Bible€, and just try to deny the point. This is just a short list of what€™s out there as far as unmade episodes, and it€™s devoted only to Doctor Who episodes. There were several planned for The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as ideas for various anniversary episodes, an animated series, and a couple different movies, but we€™ll ignore those for now. It is true that all the various ideas vary in quality, but they all have this in common: they will never grace our TV screens. Whether that is good or bad is up to you to judge, but here are the ones we think had the most potential.

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