Doctor Who: 10 Biggest Facepalm Moments

Doctor, the Slitheen are on line two...

Doctor Who is legendary, but Doctor Who is also sci-fi. Even modern day writing marvels such as Russell T Davies, Mark Gatiss and (yes) Steven Moffat can appreciate that sci-fi often involves some sort of surrealism that really has no practical solution. Sometimes they manage to impress us with incredible feats of writing, like the masterful way Moffat managed to write himself out of a massive corner in the resolution of "The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang" or the epic, yet somewhat confusing grand finale of David Tennant that RTD delivered in his mutual sendoff. Then there are other times when it seems the writers go out of their way to make us all turn into Mr. Grumpy Face. Most seasons have one or two outliers in quality (and everyone needs bad TV some Friday nights after a rough week at the office), but then there are those episodes that just make us wonder how in the name of God these episodes (and at one point during the first season, even the entire revival) ever got off the ground to begin with. Matt Smith once famously said to "never apply logic to Who," but here are the 10 moments of true stupidity and fault in writing that no one has ever quite gotten over.

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