Doctor Who: 10 Examples of Amazing Symbolism

Doctor Who Symbolism Fans of New Who can't get enough of the story arcs, unless of course there are too many or too few in one series to deal with. But they hark back to the days of classic Who, when stories were divided into serials and themes would be scattered across them. More subtle than the arcs though, is the symbolism of New Who. Not only do writers try and tell us something through plot and dialogue, they foreshadow storylines with props and items, or communicate ideas through the direction of the show. I'm talking about the duck pond having no ducks because Amy Pond couldn't have children. Yes, that's probably why that line was included in 'The Eleventh Hour'. I'm going to be talking a lot about foreshadowing, subtle themes, words and the importance of colours. More of the duck pond stuff: the recurring ideas that are never properly addressed on screen, but are there almost to subliminally tell us things. And of course, it's all theory - until I manage how to sneak into Mr Moffat's house in a Trojan rabbit - but some of it's a little more obvious. So without further ado, here are ten examples in Doctor Who of when the slightest of clues (might) add up to something bigger.
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