The Master is the Doctor’s greatest enemy. The Daleks and Cybermen may be older and more renowned, but The Master is a mirror image of the Doctor- no, not even that. The Master is what The Doctor is dangerously close to being. He is The Doctor’s Moriarty, his Joker, an enemy who knows how he feels, who he operates, where even his closest friends do not. They go way, way back (I recommend listening to Joe Lidster’s excellent audio drama ‘Master’ for an interesting spin on their childhood friendship and how they became what they are today), and he is an enduring character.

It is inevitable that The Master will meet Matt Smith’s Doctor, and it’s going to be fascinating to watch. John Simm seems to be up for a brief appearance and a regeneration, so the question is who will he turn into? Who will become Smith’s Master? Well, allow me to present you with my choice, some you may not be expecting, and I’ve tried to be as realistic as possible (let’s be honest, we’re not going to get Daniel Day Lewis or Kevin Spacey or Javier Bardem or anyone like that to be The Master). So, in no particular order…


13. Andrew Scott

Master-Making Role: Jim Moriarty in Sherlock

If you’ve seen Sherlock, you’ll agree Andrew Scott’s turn as the classic villain is utterly terrifying, blackly humorous and a little bit sexy. Scott’s a damn good actor, as demonstrated in ‘The Hour’ and ‘Blackout’ amongst others, so the guy’s got pedigree. Imagine this unpredictable, impish fellow menacing Smith, himself a totally unpredictable, elfish fellow. He’s dangerous, and a manipulative sod who’s great with disguises and turning the tables on a formidable hero, so he’d be a real challenge to the Doctor. My only hesitation is that it may be too similar to his Moriarty, but hopefully that wouldn’t be the case.

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This article was first posted on October 6, 2012