Doctor Who: 5 Reasons We Love Clara (And 5 Reasons We Don't)

clara doctor

The newest addition to the worldwide (universewide?) phenomenon British telly-staple Doctor Who, has now had 5 episodes added to her resume. And so far she has proven to be a fun Doctor companion, not unlike all the others. But what is it about Clara Oswin Oswald that makes her special? The Impossible Girl thing aside, what makes her interesting and what makes her so-so? We have five reasons to love and/or hate the now twice-dead thrice-resurrected companion.

Why People Love Her:

5. She Is Clever And Cheeky


We give her props for calling the Doctor out and leaving him lost for words most times. Her quick wit and cheeky sense of humour makes for an entertaining partnership to a still-recovering-from-the-Ponds Doctor. Her comedic timing is something the Doctor needs, if not to slowly get back to his normal look-at-me-being-brilliant-Ponds self, but to at least try and get back a bit of his silliness. We gave her full credit for "clever" back in Asylum of the Daleks, but "cheeky" has already been done before (remember Donna? well, she doesn't).

4. She Puts Loved Ones First


She cares a lot and thinks of others first. Okay she's noble, sweet and caring. She doesn't just go off with a mad man with a blue box to explore the Universe, she puts her loved ones' before herself, no matter how tempting it might have been. She does have a soft spot for helpless beings. She is perfectly aware that she has a home to go back to and that she can't just abandon that - the one thing the Doctor has admitted to envy about her.

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