Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why River Song Should Be 12th Doctor's Companion

Now the only mystery is how long it'll be before she starts irritating Clara. There's a new guy in town and methinks he isn't going to be as light and bouncy as his predecessor. As all hardcore Whovians will now be aware, after a long awaited holding of baited breath, Peter Capaldi will be taking the helm as the 12th incarnation of the world's favourite traveller of time and space. With a change in appearance and an inevitable change in character, are the days of the young, pretty and light-hearted companion a thing of the past? Could a new grown up and previously experienced lady be needed to stand beside The Doctor as he faces his deadliest enemies? The Doctor will soon be taking on a much more mature look and I've been wondering who his perfect companion could be? And I along with many other fans believe the Doctor's wife would keep him in very good company. So many of the shows fans already convinced but are you? Here are 5 reasons why I believe River Song (AKA Melody Pond) should join the Doctor in his latest escapades....

5. Clara Sucks

600300clara5 Now please don't accost me, I don't really mean that (maybe). In Asylum of the Daleks, Oswin Oswald got me hugely excited. She was sassy, cheeky and very easy on the eye. Then the Christmas special came around and 'Oswin' appeared as Victorian barmaid/governess Clara. Though we've never seen an historic companion since the reboot, I was still on board. She still as a character had layers and intrigue which could have developed greatly. Then series 7 continued with 'The Bells of St John' (sigh). Enter new Clara. Still very easy on the eye but who cares? For me the character lost all her mystique, charm and wit throughout the series. I found her rude and quite dull to be honest. Clara and The Doctor never had any real connection or chemistry and by 'The Name of The Doctor' I was willing Steven Moffatt to throw her into oblivion. Now please do understand, I believe Jenna Louise Coleman is a great actress but this character just didn't work for her. I don't think it would have anybody. Anyway my first point is, a new assistant is needed. I can€™t see Clara and the new Doctor would be much of a match. Do you?
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