Before the show came back in 2005, Doctor Who was always remembered for the sometimes poor quality of the special effects, make up and design of it’s monsters. For some it was the reason to dismiss the show as cheap and unwatchable, for others it was part of the programme’s charm. But when the show came back, and when we first met the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler we were also reintroduced to the Autons, a classic foe from the classic series, and they still looked lame! Nostalgic fans of the cheap production values of old could sigh a breath of relief as we were treated to men in rubber costumes and burping bins.

As it happens, as the episodes rolled on the sad factor that had previously been associated with the show was quickly wiped away and the Doctor once again became king of the BBC. The writing was good, the acting was good, and most shockingly of all the effects were good. Well, mostly good anyway. There’s always going to be the odd effect that looks like a tin dog or like they’re made of toilet rolls right?

So with that in mind let’s celebrate the best of the worst, as we look at the five worst designed creatures of the new era in Doctor Who!

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This article was first posted on February 21, 2013