Doctor Who Christmas Special - The Snowmen Review (Spoiler Free)

You greedy lot! Never mind, I€™d do the same. As promised here are 5 teasers to keep in mind on Christmas day.

  1. Your mind will be blown roughly 40 €“ 45 seconds into the episode and fan boys and girls will punch the air if they look closely.
  2. Sontarans do not taste nice.
  3. Clara achieves what every post 2005 female companion has so far.
  4. At the end of the episode fan boys and girls will punch the air over Ian McKellen€™s €˜Character€™ (If they don€™t catch on before hand).
  5. Watch to the end of the credits, Christmas will come all over again.
You€™ll have to wait and see what if anything these hints mean; I can€™t give you any more information. Suffice to say, this is the first taste of the 50th Anniversary and it is going to be amazing!


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