Tegan Jovanka has always been one of the most debatable companions in Doctor Who. She is one of the companions people either love or hate. I love her for her straight out honesty, her willingness to go out and protect those she calls friends, even it meant getting caught up in danger. She wasn’t easily frightened of everything that came their way, and she didn’t scream easily. That is another reason I liked Tegan. Sarah Jane was quite similar in that way until after Terror of the Zygons. She started off strong, willing to go off on her own, and fight her own battles, and after the Zygons episode, she screamed more often than not, and it was very uncharacteristic of her. Of course this was all due to writing, not Sarah’s or Lis Sladen’s fault.  I think at times writers could not come up with some better ideas for the stronger companions. If you look at her later in the Sarah Jane Adventures, she was back to her strong, brave self again, being able to fend for herself without the Doctor. Tegan could do that as well for the most part.

But this particular article is going to look at Tegan and what makes her important to the Fifth Doctor era. She has certainly made an impact in fandom, both positive and bad, and when I say bad, it’s mainly from the opinions from other fans I have come across at conventions and forums. But nevertheless, she is the definitive Fifth Doctor companion, having been on the TARDIS the longest in that particular era.

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This article was first posted on July 27, 2013