Gather ’round, Doctor Who fans: today BBC Worldwide have released the first clip from the highly anticipated – and recently announced – The Tenth Planet DVD. The episode has been partly lost since the the 1970s, but has been restored in a newly animated episode, which features the Doctor’s historic first regeneration scene.

Chris Chapman, Lead Animator on this sequence, had this to say:

“We knew that we had to throw everything at this scene and in fact the whole story is historic, with the first appearance of the Cybermen, so we really worked very hard on it. It was a real pleasure. It has definitely made me a fan of Doctor Who.”

Fans have waited decades to see this story, which features the Doctor and his companions, Polly and Ben, battling the Cybermen for the very first time. This comes along after the also recently announced release of The Ice Warriors, with lost episodes two and three being recreated by animation studio Qurios.

The Tenth Planet is a Pup Ltd/Planet 55 Studios Co-Production for BBC Worldwide, and will be released on DVD in late 2013.

So, Whovians, what do you think? Is this what you had pictured, or are you disappointed? Will you be purchasing the Tenth Planet on DVD?

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This article was first posted on March 7, 2013