Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi’s 12 Best Performances As The Twelfth Doctor

1. Heaven Sent


Well, what hasn't been said about this tent pole performance from Mr Peter Dougan Capaldi? Not much, really, and with very good, unsurprising reason. There's been so many totally deserved eulogies of Capaldi's standout act - by some distance on this list - that they've even run out of superlatives in the Gallifreyan language.

This is the Doctor stripped back: all alone, scared yet still his brilliant and funny self, nowhere to hide, merely running to bide precious time before the Veil inevitably catches up to try to extract another confession. The Doctor’s seemingly never ending downfalls make for our captivated gain.

Nevertheless, it still makes for brutal viewing when seeing the Doctor bloodied, burnt and painstakingly dragging himself for a day-and-a-half to the teleportation room. It's like we're surveying him via the monitors throughout the water-locked castle, but there's nothing we can do to help our beloved hero.

Safe to say, we're punching along with him against that toughest of tough sonovabitch Azbantium wall. And over the course of four-and-a-half billion years, that amounts to rather a lot a television screens.

It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Capaldi’s solo outing ranks alongside Tom Hanks in Cast Away and Sandra Bullock in Gravity as the ultimate benchmarks in how to masterfully enthral an audience by their lone selves for a prolonged period.

Heaven Sent not only further enhanced Capaldi's reputation and legacy as one of the greatest incarnations of the Doctor, but also as one of great actors of modern times.

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