Doctor Who: Ranking Every Spin-Off From Worst To Best

From K-9 and Company to Class.


A recent rumour about Doctor Who's latest spin-off Class says that the show has been canned by the BBC after just one eight-episode series. Assuming that there is some truth in the report, then it is a shame that this particular corner of the Whoniverse didn't take off. On the plus side, Class is not the first Doctor Who spin-off, and it pretty damn sure won't be the last.

Naturally for a show that spans the entire cosmos and the whole of history, Doctor Who has provided enough spin-off ideas to fill a TARDIS. Starting back in 1981, there have been a stream of TV series, animated mini-series and audio adventures that shine a light on someone else other than the Time Lord for a change, or at least take the Whoniverse in a different direction.

For the ranking of every Doctor Who spin-off that you are about to read, I'm counting every fictional spin-off series. So that means the behind-the-scenes tie-in shows, such as Doctor Who Confidential, are exempt. For Big Finish audios, meanwhile, I'm only looking at spin-offs that feature TV characters - otherwise we would be here all day listing the audio company's massive universe of series.

They're all stories in the end, but not all of them are good ones.

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