Doctor Who Season 10: 5 Ups And 2 Downs From 'The Pilot'

Doctor Who finally returns to our screens, with a great new companion in tow.

Doctor Who The Pilot

After what feels like an eternity (actually 16 months), Doctor Who is finally back in its weekly form.

It arrives on our screens in a very different place to where it left off: 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi has announced that this will be his last series in the TARDIS, and likewise showrunner Steven Moffat is departing the Whoniverse after seven years in charge.

Meanwhile there's a new companion, Pearl Mackie's Bill, who will reportedly only be around for this one run.

There's a definite eye on the future, with Chris Chibnall set to come in and endless speculation over who will be the new Time-Lord (or Lady), which means the premiere of Series 10 feels muted (outside the buzz of that big reveal, anyway).

It definitely shouldn't, though. Capaldi has long proved his talents in this role, and The Pilot is a thoroughly fun adventure that nicely sets up his and Moffat's final series. It introduces us to Bill (complete with the pre-requisite "bigger on the inside" remark), to a mysterious girl with a star in her eye, and of course takes us on an adventure through time and space.

As ever there is some turbulence, but for the most part it's a smooth and very enjoyable ride.

(Warning: spoilers from beyond this point.)

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