Doctor Who Season 11 Comic-Con Trailer Breakdown: 15 Things You Need To See

Oh, brilliant!


It feels like a long time since we had some new Doctor Who on our screens. The 10th season largely wrapped-up over a year ago, with only a Christmas Special since to bring to an end the tenure of Steven Moffat as showrunner and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

With Capaldi regenerating into Jodie Whittaker back on Christmas Day, there's been a hellish wait to see more of her take on the Time Lord, in what's an exciting new era for the show.

Moffat's time, while exceptional in parts, had grown somewhat stale, and this really feels like a fresh start for the series, something echoed at San Diego Comic-Con. As well as incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall revealing there'll be no Daleks or two-parters, fans were also treated to the first proper trailer (after the brief footage that aired during the World Cup Final), giving us our best look yet at Whittaker's Doctor and the new companions.

It's a relatively short trailer, but it packs a punch and perfectly sells the more hopeful tone of Season 11, along with just how alien this version of the Doctor is.


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