Doctor Who Series 10: 12 Easter Eggs & References You Might've Missed In "Knock Knock'

10. A Familiar Haunted House


Here's a fun fact. This isn't the first time that the house that stands in for 11 Cardinal Road in Knock Knock has appeared in Doctor Who. In fact, it's not even the first time that it has been used as a haunted house.

Fields House in Newport, Wales, was also the real-life location of Wester Drumlins, the old house inhabited by Weeping Angels in Steven Moffat's beloved Blink. Well, technically. The house is so big it's actually split into two properties and it was the other half that was used in that episode.

Fields House has also turned up in two episodes of Sherlock. Namely, A Study in Pink and A Scandal in Belgravia.


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