Doctor Who Series 11: 4 Ups & 3 Downs From 'It Takes You Away'

Conceptually excellent, poorly executed.

Doctor Who It Takes You Away

To round off the streak of four guest-written episodes, Ed Hime presents It Takes You Away. Taking place in Norway, a young, blind girl is barricaded alone in a cabin, terrified of the monster stalking her outside. With her parents missing, this unseen creature roaming the woods, and a mirror bearing no reflection, either Team TARDIS are now suddenly vampires, or something alien is afoot.

As the penultimate episode of Series 11, It Takes You Away points us back in the direction of Chris Chibnall's finale. In other words, it was rather mediocre.

On with the negatives, and warning: this article contains spoilers.


3. Ryan's Malicious Outburst

Doctor Who It Takes You Away

After Hanne explains what's going on in this secluded cabin, the revelation about her father leaving four days ago strikes a chord with Ryan. His experience regarding disappearing dads causes him to lash out toward Hanne, refusing every other potential reason thrown at him.

For a character that's truly terrified, this wasn't the best direction for Ryan to take. Not only did it make her quite rightly angry at Ryan, it filled her with the fear of her father not coming back. She was adamant he was still out there, but Ryan made his opinion known.

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