Every Doctor Who Christmas Special Ranked From Worst To Best

Flying sharks, freaky space-crabs and robot Santas? Merry Whomas!


The Christmas period is a strange time of year for Doctor Who fans. On the one hand, it's, y'know, Christmas, a generally enjoyable time. But on the other, the festive season itself - every couple of years, at least - marks the end of the current Doctor's tenure, which can cause nationwide heartbreak and misery for days and weeks afterward.

Fortunately, we're being spared that emotional torment this year, but with the regular Christmas Day episode being moved to New Year's Day 2019 instead, we're faced with another kind of torment altogether: choosing what to watch to fill that TARDIS-shaped hole in the Christmas Day TV schedule.

The natural choice is, of course, to revisit one of modern Who's 13 festive specials, but with so much goodness to choose from, which will you go with?

David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi have been regular festive fixtures for over a decade, and while not all of their Christmas episodes are solid gold - as we're about to discuss - you can't really go wrong with a bit of Doctor Who on Christmas Day.

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