The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Cast: Where Are They Now?

Ashley €“ Tatyana Ali


Something of a treat for the fellas these days, and definitely an angle the showrunners noticed as well with their episode delving into how any attractive lady can be abused by the hollow music industry in season 5€™s €˜What€™s Will Got To Do With It?€ Ali has turned come a long way since her time on the show. As any who had been with the series since the early days saw Tatyana Ali grow from a cutesy, innocent soon-to-be-influenced-by-Will-Smith little girl, into the beautiful young lady she is today, something akin to what we all recently went through with Emma Watson as Hermione. Tatyana is probably the second most successful person to come out the show, most recently collaborating with two of the Wayans Bros (Craig and Damien) on TV show Second Generation Wayans, as well as trying her hand at pop music in the real world with 1998€™s Kiss The Sky which spawned the single Daydreamin€™.
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