Game Of Thrones: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

When you watch the Game of Thrones, you rank or you die.

Game Of Thrones Every Episode

The long wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 is almost over. And ahead of the arrival of seven new episodes, all of which will hopefully find their way to the top half of this list, it's time to look back over all the previous instalments. It's a good chance to reminisce over the early days, really see how the show's changed, see what types of episodes are the best, which season was the most consistent, which writers and directors are the best, start a bit of a debate, all that jazz.

What a f**king terrible idea.

Game of Thrones has been running since 2011, with 60 episodes over the course of six seasons. That's a lot of episodes. What makes it worse though, is the fact that over the course of the past six seasons and 60 episodes, Game of Thrones has never been bad.

Sure, some seasons are weaker than others, and they've made some very poor decisions, but even sub-par Game of Thrones is generally good TV. Some do stand out as clearly the best, and there are some more obviously worse, but for the most part there is a consistent quality, and not an awful lot separating it all. Which makes ranking every episode a f**king terrible idea.

So, after going back over all the seasons, a bit of deliberation with colleagues, pulling my hair out, reordering certain episodes multiple times, and making some tough calls that I'll no doubt regret as soon as this list is out there, here we are. From Winter Is Coming to The Winds of Winter, here's every single episode of Game of Thrones, ranked from worst to best, or 'good' to 'break the internet'.

60. Unbowed Unbent Unbroken (S5E6)

sansa ramsay

Written By: Bryan Cogman Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa

Aka the episode where Ramsay rapes Sansa. That scene, which stands as the most controversial in all of Game of Thrones, is dreadfully handled regardless of whether you think it's outrageous or worse in the books or a fuss over nothing. Seeing long-suffering Sansa Stark victimised in such a way was horrible to watch, and the worst example of the show trying to use rape as a narrative device. It was a cruel moment to show, and that alone drags the episode down.

However, even looking past that scene, it's got another dreadful moment: the laughable fight scene between Jaime, Bronn, and the Sand Snakes. It's like something you might see at a local medieval faire and think amusing, not a show with millions of dollars to spend on each episode. Tyrion pleading with slavers makes for some entertainment, but when an episode takes its name from the words of House Martell, given how bad the Dorne storyline was, it's no surprise it's the worst of the series.

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