Game Of Thrones: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

73. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (S5E6)

sansa ramsay

Written By: Bryan Cogman Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa

Aka the episode where Ramsay rapes Sansa. That scene, which stands as the most controversial in all of Game of Thrones, is dreadfully handled regardless of whether you think it's outrageous or worse in the books or a fuss over nothing. Seeing long-suffering Sansa Stark victimised in such a way was horrible to watch, and the worst example of the show trying to use rape as a narrative device (especially one centred around Theon).

However, even looking past that scene, it's got another dreadful moment: the laughable fight scene between Jaime, Bronn, and the Sand Snakes. It's like something you might see at a local medieval faire and think amusing, not a show with millions of dollars to spend on each episode. Tyrion pleading with slavers makes for some entertainment, but when an episode takes its name from the words of House Martell, given how bad the Dorne storyline was, it's no surprise it's the worst of the series.

72. The Prince Of Winterfell (S2E8)

Game of Thrones Theon

Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Directed By: Alan Taylor

Season 2 is one of the weakest seasons, and it reaches its nadir in episode 8, which simply exists to fill the time before we get to the Battle of the Blackwater.

Daenerys asks where her dragons are, Theon (at this stage still rather detestable) attempts to hold on to Winterfell, Robb sleeps with Talisa, Jon treks through some snow, it's all going on here. Tyrion once again saves the day by providing some moments of entertainment, helped by the fact he's accompanied by both Bronn and Varys, but the episode is just filler, and not-at-all memorable.

71. The House Of Black and White (S5E2)

Game Of Thrones Arya House of Black and White

Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Directed By: Michael Slovis

Early season episodes are often a little more difficult to get right, given the show is still very much in the catching-up-with-everyone phase, but this is a particularly bad example, and kicks off two of the worst storylines in Game of Thrones over the past couple of years.

Arya arrives in Braavos and the House of Black and White, beginning her journey to become not no one but actually Arya Stark, and it starts as cryptic as it would continue to be, while Jaime Lannister prepares to leave for Dorne, an arc so bad not even Bronn can save it.

It's not all bad, as Jon gets elected as the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and Pod and Brienne engage in a fun chase sequence, but there's a lot of obvious setup here, and little else.


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