Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Ups And 2 Downs From 'Oathbreaker'


10. Jon's Back

Game Of Thrones Jon's Back.jpg

No, not his actual back (although that's a lovely, on-the-nose visual from the show right there, and as backs go I guess it is a nice one(?)), but rather the return of Jon Snow to the land of the living.

Although he opened his eyes last week, it's this episode where his resurrection is really dealt was, or partly at least. It was a smart move to have this as the opening of the episode, meaning that they're not dragging things out any longer than necessary, and it's a well-played scene as well.

There's Jon's confusion (to say the least) at being brought back from the dead, accompanied by Davos' teary-eyed awe at what's just happened, and - in a brief moment - Melisandre realising what she's done, and once again starting to feel confident about her predictions and the Lord of Light.

It only got better once he went out to meet the wildlings and Night's Watch brothers still loyal to him, allowing for a humorous reunion with Tormund ("I've seen your pecker" was one of the lines of the night), and a touching one with Dolorous Edd. Kit Harington was one of the MVPs of this episode, and he did a really good job conveying the various emotions Jon must have been feeling at this point (he's always done morose very well, but here there was shock,confusion, warmth, even humour).


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