Game Of Thrones Writer Bryan Cogman Working On Spin-Off With George R.R. Martin

The longtime GoT producer could now be heading up his own show.

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Bryan Cogman
HBO/By Campfire [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The mysterious fifth Game of Thrones spin-off series, which wasn't included in the original announcement by HBO, now has a writer officially attached.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Cogman will be writing the show, which he's developing alongside George R.R. Martin (who is now working on three of the five series in-development).

Cogman is a familiar name to fans of Game of Thrones, as he's served as a producer on the show since the very beginning. He's written 10 episodes, including the brilliant Kissed By Fire and The Laws of Gods and Men (aka the one with Tyrion's trial), and was also known as the one who was in charge of the keeping track of the lore of Westeros. With David Benioff and Dan Weiss not involved in any of the prequels, he's better placed than anyone else from the series (not including GRRM himself, obviously) to work on a spin-off.

There's still no word on what this or any of the other spin-offs are about, but we do know that they won't be either Robert's Rebellion or The Tales of Dunk and Egg. Anything else is conjecture at this stage - we have some ideas here - and the series itself, should one move forward, likely won't arrive until 2020 at the earliest.

What would you like to see a spin-off about? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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