GLOW: 22 WTF Moments In Netflix's Ladies Wrestling Series

"It's not racist if the black girls came up with the idea, right?"

GLOW WTF Moments

Having made its debut last week, GLOW has quickly become a true star on Netflix.

The Alison Brie-starring series, based on the eponymous real-life promotion from the 1980s, is an absurd, hilarious delight.

Whether or not you're a fan of wrestling doesn't really matter, as the show has enough in it for both sets of viewers, and mashes them together to create something wholly different to the current TV landscape - and a whole lotta fun, too.

It has more in common with Orange is the New Black than it does WWE, but the series does have wrestling credentials, with in-ring action and numerous cameos.

Both in and out of the squared circle it's a real treat though, offering up whacky characters, some seriously warped humour, and more twists, turns, and crazy moments than many actual wrestling shows.

(Warning: contains spoilers for the full first season of GLOW.)

22. C**t Punches


As Sam finally assembles the ladies, he tells them what they're going to have to do to succeed, which includes the fact they really are going to have to do some proper wrestling.

Actual wrestling, in this instance, apparently involves c**t punches. Yep. And just to be sure, he then says that one again.

What else does it involve? Well: "Tit grabs, dick fights, rinky dinks..." Hang on, *dick* fights?!

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