Gotham: 10 Things We Learned From The New Trailer

10. Gotham Looks Spectacular

Didn€™t it just? Filmed in New York City, Gotham is ready to be explored like never before. Unlike with the films, where we have a few hours every three to five years, we now have a chance to truly see the dark underbelly of Gotham City. It is more difficult to portray the city correctly than one might think. Tim Burton went down the very gothic route (of course), while Joel Schumacher seemed to portray the city as a Zeon nightclub that got out of hand (the less said about those days the better). Christopher Nolan started with a dark, dirty city with a dangerous backstreet on every turn and as the scale of the production expanded, so did the city, with Gotham growing as the trilogy progressed. There are only a few shots of the city, but it appears the portrayal is taking a similar route to that of Nolan€™s. This is the right move. The city needs to look like a metropolitan area, and after a longer exposure, it should start to take on a life of its own and could well get a little darker and more gothic.

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