How I Met Your Mother: Determining Who The Mother Is Heading Into The Final Season

If you’ve been a fan of the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother, or have watched an occasional…

Doug Rush


how i met your mother

If you’ve been a fan of the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother, or have watched an occasional episode on CBS, you’ve wondered the one question.

The one questions that has been asked about for eight years now; who is the mother? Who ends up being Mrs. Ted Mosby in the show when it’s all set and done?

Since the show began in 2005, fans all over have had their theory as to who ends up being Ted’s wife, which centers around the main theme of the entire series.

Now in the end of Season 8, which is leading up to the wedding of Barney and Robin, we are supposed to find out soon who she is, as Ted meets her for the very first time that night.

So, who is it? Who is the mysterious woman that fans all over have waited to see be revealed.

Lets take a look at the clues, potential people and determine who it might be.

What Do We Know About The Mother?

Lets look at some important clues, as they play a big part into figuring out this eight-year mystery:

  • She plays the base in a band, which is playing at Barney and Robin’s ¬†wedding.
  • Ted dated her college roommate Cindy, and things ended because he liked all the things about her, and not the roommate
  • She was in the class at the college that Ted was teaching at, even though it was the wrong class
  • The mother left the yellow umbrella at the nightclub that he and Barney went to on St. Patrick’s Day, in which Ted found and used the next day.
  • She doesn’t meet him until the night of Barney and Robin’s wedding
  • When Ted signs up for the dating service and gets the photos of her, she has a lot of his interests, and has dark hair, which we see in the blurred out pictures


It’s Not Robin

Robin is the most obvious choice from the get-go, and we see so many different episodes to where Ted and Robin ending up together make sense.

But when Ted is talking to his future kids and refers to her as Aunt Robin, and not mom, it gives it away that she is not the one Ted ends up with

Besides, in a mystery like this that has gone on for eight years, do we really think the creators of the show would make it this obvious and let us to believe it’s been a main character all along?

No way, that would take out a lot of the mystique of the show and finding out who the real mom is.

Even in Season 8’s “Romeward Bound” when you see Ted and Robin holding hands, you are left to believe that there is still something there between the two.

But it’s not Robin.

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