It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13: Everything We Know So Far

5. The Spooky Theme


Promotion for the series so far has gone all in on a spooky Halloween theme, with posters and teasers embracing a horror aesthetic.

While the release date is in September, a weekly release schedule would result in the eighth episode being released on 31 October, or Halloween.

The length of the season hasn't been confirmed, although it looks as though there will be eight episodes, with the final being a horror-themed special finale in the spirit of A Very Sunny Christmas.

The show has already had a horror-themed episode in The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre, however that was released before Halloween and wasn't as explicitly horror themed as the season is shaping up to be.

One poster released shows an illustrated Dee, Frank, Mac and Charlie running from a creepy-looking cabin in some woods, and behind them in the doorway a figure with an axe. Fans have speculated that this is Dennis, but the figure bears a closer resemblance to recurring guest star Jimmi Simpson, who plays Liam McPoyle.


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