Mayans MC: 10 Reasons Sons Of Anarchy Fans Need To Watch

10. The Background


Fans of the Sons of Anarchy series fondly remember the constant sunshine landing upon cracked, bleached, roads and the dusty lands that spun sand off the back tires of the member's bikes - like a wave of smoke. It seemed to set a mysterious air around the gang.

Well, that is still very much evident in the Mayans MC spin-off.

The ‘shanty’ setting also mixes with that same, aesthetically pleasing rock-religious music that played on repeat during the SOA instalments, which immediately lets fans settle back into the drama-filled world the clubs belong to with a strong sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

Even smaller things, such as the patchwork ‘Prospect’ upon EZ’s leather kutte reinforces this familiarity, and the deep rumble of the bike’s engines complimenting any kind of music – it’s all so wonderfully, and somewhat, soothing for fans; it’s back. It’s all back.


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