Ranking The Doctor Who Series Finales From Worst To Best

6. Utopia, The Sound Of Drums & Last Of The Time Lords (Series 3)

First broadcast: Saturday 16th June 2007, Saturday 23rd June 2007 & Saturday 30th June 2007 Russell T Davies shocked the Doctor Who fandom to its very core back in Series 3 with the unannounced return of one of our hero's oldest and most iconic adversaries. And this time it wasn't the Daleks! In fact, there wasn't a plunger in sight as screen and stage legend Sir Derek Jacobi revealed his true identity as the renegade Time Lord before transforming into John Simm who proceeded to take over the world by hypnotising the British public into electing him as their new Prime Minister. It all escalated very quickly and added a whole new meaning to the term "political agenda"! The malevolent Master's treasure trove of terror was only just beginning as he unleashed his army of tyrannic Toclafane unto the unsuspecting human race whilst intermittently killing Captain Jack Harkness purely for his own amusement. The Tenth Doctor, meanwhile, was aged to the point of no return (he looked like a mix between Gollum and an Oompa Loompa!) but it was ultimately Martha Jones' time to shine when she single handedly walked the entire Earth to save the day using only her words. Someone give the girl a medal. A thrilling adventure and NuWho's only three-part finale to date which caught us all off guard and affirmed that nothing was ever going to be the same again. Here come the drums!
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