Ranking The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gang In Order Of Depravity

The gang are all narcissistic, selfish and depraved egomaniacs, but who is the worst?


Kidnap, Nazis, and Murder, all topics that have, in some way or other, featured in FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Featuring a gang of potentially the worst humans in existence as they try (and fail) to run Philadelphia’s worst bar, Paddy’s Irish Pub. It has become popular worldwide for being one of the darkest, yet somehow still funniest, sitcoms ever.

Although they consider themselves ‘friends’, the gang are constantly scheming against each other and think nothing of manipulating, back-stabbing and even traumatising each other to win even the shallowest of victories. They are all egotistical, vain, and frankly deluded individuals who ultimately only deserve each other’s company.

Their lives are each beset by a trail of destruction of both other people’s property and lives. From their former high-school classmates to their business rivals, nobody can escape their constant plotting and subsequent immoral acts.

Despite the entire gang being, in many ways, sick and depraved individuals with no hope of redemption, after carefully reviewing their actions throughout all 13 seasons, it is possible to rank them in order of who is the worst.


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