Ranking The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gang In Order Of Depravity

4. Ronald 'Mac' McDonald

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10

The self-appointed ‘Sheriff of Paddy’s’ and the inventor of the ‘ocular pat-down’, Mac is often the most aloof of the gang and considers himself to be the brains behind Paddy’s, often very-limited, success. He is shown to have frequent delusions about his body and life in general; considering his weight-gain to be ‘cultivating mass’, believing that he is a martial arts expert, and being heavily in denial about his sexuality for much of the series.

His depravity usually manifests itself as a result of his perceived Catholic faith, for example in Charlie Wants an Abortion when he joins a pro-life group in order to sleep with a woman he then pressures her to have an abortion when she claims to be pregnant. He also has a brief relationship with pre-op transsexual, Carmen, but following her gender reassignment surgery, vocally believes her subsequent marriage to be against God’s will.

His sexual exploits have also led to him betraying his friends, such as sleeping with Dennis’ prom date and blaming it on his former best friend resulting in Dennis holding a decades-long grudge and also dating The Waitress without regard for Charlie’s obsession with her.

Depravity Rating: 5/10


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