Red Dwarf Turns 30: Interview With Co-Creator Doug Naylor On The 30th Anniversary

The man behind the Dwarf talks three decades of smeg-ups.


There aren't many programmes in television history that could get away with killing off most of the cast in the first episode, but The End was only the beginning for Red Dwarf, and since then, the show has established itself as one of Britain's most unique sitcoms over the course of the last three decades.

At its core, it's a workplace comedy about four characters with radically different personalities being thrust into the mix together. So far, so standard, yet thanks to its deep-space setting, Red Dwarf has been differentiating itself from the competition since it first hit the BBC 30 years ago.

The dynamic between Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryton is already a winning formula, and the show's sci-fi roots has allowed this foursome to explore all kinds of smegging insane scenarios, from time-jumping escapades, to alternative universes and virtual worlds - it's anything but your typical sitcom.

Red Dwarf has endured cancellation and a drawn-out saga involving a movie which never happened, but it's still alive and kicking, finding a home at UK comedy channel Dave and breaking viewers records there since 2009.

To mark the show's 30th anniversary, we caught up with co-creator Doug Naylor to discuss three decades of thrill, spills and smeg-ups, as well as what the future holds for the Boys From the Dwarf.

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