So The Simpsons Predicted Disney Buying Fox Too

Another win for Springfield's soothsayers.

The Simpsons Gypsy
20th Century Fox

They've done it again.

After predicting Donal Trump's presidency (and a whole host of other weirdly specific things), The Simpsons seem to have predicted that Disney would one day buy Fox, which is precisely what might be on the cards if the talks that were just revealed restart.

As eagle-eyed Twitter user @rwmead pointed out Monday, the show's 10th season episode "When You Dish Upon A Star" showed a vision of the future in which Disney would purchase 21st Century Fox, then 20th Century Fox."

Fox Disney
20th Century Fox

Someone definitely needs to check to make sure the writers aren't all witches.

The show has also predicted Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl and Bengt Holmstrom’s Nobel Prize win, so hopefully, we'll get to see a world in which scientists invent magic, as happened in season 16 episode "Future-Drama". Fingers crossed.

Whether the real world will see the Disney/Fox deal go through remains to be seen at this point: talks were said to have been on and off (and at the minute are off), but the very fact that we heard about it at all suggests there's probably still a deal to be done there.

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