Sons Of Anarchy Season 6: 10 Things To Change

FeaturedSons of Anarchy will be heading into its sixth season when it returns. Throughout the five seasons that it's been on the air a lot of things have happened - some good, some bad, some awesome and some that were just utterly stupid. Characters have come and gone, loyalties have shifted and the plight of SAMCRO is constantly shifting and evolving. Each season has introduced a new foe for the club to take down from both sides of the law, character relations have changed drastically, and some have ended all together. So what happens now?

Longevity is a tricky thing when it comes to television drama, because after a certain point the risk of retreading previous storylines and plot twists becomes a very real threat. Season three showed (painfully so) that this is a show not afraid to think outside of the box, Charming, or even the United States. Sons of Anarchy remains one of my favorite shows on television at the moment, but it is far from perfect. In fact, there are some areas of the show that are pretty flawed. It seems that for every one thing that it does well, there is another that is executed poorly. Things that worked in seasons one and two start to get a little stagnant as the show goes on. Kurt Sutter has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not afraid to drastically shake the foundation of SAMCRO and its members lives. So going into season six here are some things I would like to see changed, addressed, or fixed.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you that this list features FULL SPOILERS for SEASONS 1-5 of Sons of Anarchy, as I've written it assuming that all readers have already watched the previous five seasons. This list also encompasses my own personal preference for changes to the show that I'd like to see made, some of which are to the story and characters and others pertain more to the format of the show itself. Feel free to leave comments agreeing, or disagreeing with those that I discuss and list any changes that you would like to see.


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