South Park: 5 Most Controversial Episodes Ever

If you are a South Park fan then it is likely that you will be familiar with phrases such as…

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South Park Trapped

If you are a South Park fan then it is likely that you will be familiar with phrases such as “Wait, they did what this week?” or “They are never going to get away with this one”. The cries of fans everywhere are echoed by the creators themselves, who have admitted ‘there are some South Park episodes where we’re like “Oh man, how did we not get in trouble for that?”

South Park is known for its shocking plotlines and critical outlook on celebrities, religion, and politics. Although it seems no subject matter is out of bounds for Matt and Trey, there have certainly been a few episodes that have taken it to the very edge. And unsurprisingly complaints were made, celebrities moaned, and controversy ensued! But which episodes caused the most controversy?

Well, let us delve into the jaw-dropping, eye-widening, close to the knuckle world of South Park controversy….


5. Proper Condom Use

South Park Proper Condom Use
Stan’s parents catch him ‘milking’ or masturbating Sparky the dog, and accuse the teachers at South Park Elementary of not teaching the children proper sex education. This leads to a bunch of sexually in-experienced teachers giving the children wrong information, resulting in the girls making the boys wear condoms at all times so that they don’t catch any STDs, and also in Mr. Garrison placing a condom on a fake penis with his mouth.

So to sum up: A group of fourth grade children purchasing condoms and masturbating their pet dogs, and a teacher demonstrating how to put a condom on to a kindergarten class using only his mouth. How could that possibly be considered controversial?

This episode was one of the first South Park episodes to face issues in being aired. Its rating was increased and time-slot changed in Australia, and here in the UK Sky One actually refused to air the episode. Not to worry though, as Channel 4, MTV and Comedy Central have had no problems with airing the full uncensored episode. Few.