Stranger Things 2: 9 Big Questions We Need Answering In Season 3

9. Are Kali/Eight And Her Gang Going To Come Back?


While Stranger Things season two has been mostly acclaimed, many would agree that the show dropped the ball with episode 7. Moving the action to Philadelphia and cutting out all regular characters bar Eleven made for a hugely controversial instalment. Despite its unpopularity, though, the episode left some hefty plot threads dangling which we probably need tied up next season.

Namely, will we see Kali - or Eight, to give her her Hawkins Lab designation - and her gang of 80s punk vigilantes again? Eleven developed a firm sisterly bond with her over the episode but, in many ways, Kali's role in Eleven's story is over now that the latter has realised her home is Hawkins. And if Kali and co. don't return, there is an easy explanation for that. The last time we saw them they were being chased by cops. Maybe they got caught?

There's a sneaking suspicion that the episode was a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series about the gang, no doubt encountering more super-powered runaways like Eleven and Eight along the way. After all, Netflix would be mad not to want to capitalise on the show's success. However, given its reception, these plans - if they even exist - likely won't come to anything.


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