Supergirl Season 4: 5 Ups & 0 Downs From 'Call To Action'

Supergirl ups its game in a hard-hitting episode that drastically accelerates Agent Liberty's goal.

Supergirl Flying
The CW

Contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 4, Episode 6.

Since returning to The CW for its fourth season, Supergirl has been showcasing the issues that humans have encountered when attempting to accept aliens into their society. This has been, in many ways, an allegory of sorts as it continues to highlight the importance of acceptance and the issues that can arise when intolerance isn't talked about.

In a pleasant change, the writers have told this story slowly, highlighting various aspects of it, especially the danger of fear. But, with the tension mounting and the pressure building, the issue finally came to a head this week as Agent Liberty's disciples made their presence felt all over National City.

This week's instalment, titled 'Call To Action' saw the Children of Liberty take to the streets on Thanksgiving weekend with specially-trained dogs that could sniff out an alien in seconds. As this took place, Alex and Kara tried to investigate but were once again faced with more resistance from Colonel Lauren Haley. However, they weren't the only ones trying to solve this problem, as Manchester Black made his presence felt and James tried to stop the problem at its source.

'Call To Action' was a great ensemble piece, showcasing Supergirl's rich cast of characters while significantly raising the main narrative's stakes.

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