The Defenders Trailer Breakdown: 25 Things You Need To See

Yep, there's another hallway fight.

The Defenders Elektra

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 now in cinemas and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. imminently due to wrap up its fourth season, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans can rest easy that they don't need to wait too long for their next fix of a super-sized superhero ensemble.

Netflix's The Defenders lands on August 18th worldwide, and will bring Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist together to defend New York City from its latest threat. The first full trailer just dropped, and provides a mightily convincing argument that Marvel's TV equivalent of The Avengers is going to live up to all the colossal fanboy hype this implies.

From these two minutes of footage alone, it's clear that the fast quips, insane action and shameless fan-service will be out in full force this summer. After the recent disappointment of Iron Fist, fans can rest easy that Netflix just might be ready to rebound with one of their most entertaining superhero series to date.

25. Jessica Jones Gets Arrested

The Defenders Jessica Jones

The trailer opens with Jessica Jones in police custody, with Misty Knight informing her that she's interfered with a city-side investigation by stealing evidence from her crime scene and getting her single lead in the case killed.

A banged-up, bloodied Jessica then replies, "I was trying to help him", and Misty retorts, "But you didn't." Someone important died, and these two are coming to blows over it, though considering that Jessica could easily use her powers to flee the police station if she wanted to, it's pretty safe to say she's not that p***ed at Misty.

The Defenders Misty Knight

24. Malcolm Ducasse

The Defenders Misty Knight Jessica Jones

Misty is also seen putting a bunch of files down on the interrogation table, and sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed that one of them reads "Malcolm Ducasse", though this is only visible for a brief moment at best.

Malcolm Ducasse is, of course, Jessica's neighbour who ended up under Kilgrave's control for a time, and it's already been confirmed that he will indeed appear in The Defenders.

Could this file indicate that something happens to him early on? Maybe he's even the dead lead Misty was referring to?


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