The Punisher: 25 WTF Moments

23. Morty & The Hooker (Episode 7, "Crosshairs")

The Punisher Morty Bennett Dominatrix

Frank finds himself chasing down Morty Bennett, one of the key players of Operation Cerberus, at which point we're shown him having dinner with a woman who initially appears to be his wife or partner.

She tells him to sit down and eat, and as soon as he begins talking, she pours out her glass of wine, and tells him he's made a mess. Bennett then gets down on his knees and licks it up as the woman uses her foot to keep him in place.

Things get even weirder when Frank approaches his quarters, though: the woman, clearly a hooker, is now in dominatrix gear, while Bennett is bent over a table with a ball-gag in his mouth.

It doesn't really add anything to the scenario except a little extra humour which, let's be honest, the show really could have used more of anyway.

Shame they both ended up dead a short time later at the hands of Billy Russo, though.

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