The Simpsons

With the help of Jeebus himself the Simpsons have been embiggening the minds of television viewers since 1987 to become not only one of the most cromulent shows in TV history but one of the most loved.

It was an absolute pleasure re-visiting so many great episodes and compiling a list of the funniest, original and best ever made. Here we’re going to be looking at the 100 greatest episodes of all time,  so sit back, grab a duff* and enjoy.

*Whatculture does not advocate drinking Duff Beer while reading…it actively encourages it.


100. “Simpson Tide” S9 E19

The Simpsons Simpson Tide

Chalkboard Gag: My butt does not deserve a website

Plot: After being fired (again) from the power plant Homer enlists in the US Navy Reserves and ends up playing war games in a submarine with Moe, Barney and Apu and giving the incompetent workers among us a catchphrase for getting out of trouble…”It’s my first day”

Best Gag: Moe’s damage report to Captain Homer: ”Sonar: Out. Navigation: Out. Radio. Out” ”Enough of what’s out. What’s in?” ”Ice-blended mocca drinks and David Schwimmer” ”Yes, he is handsome in an ugly sort of way”

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This article was first posted on September 18, 2013