The Walking Dead: 10 Greatest Jesus Moments

The under-appreciated warrior will forever be in our hearts.


The Walking Dead has seen a lot of change this season, what with the series losing its protagonist and the story having taken two time-jumps. And the changes just keep on coming, as the latest episode of the AMC series bid farewell to yet another main character. This time it was fan-favourite Paul 'Jesus' Rovia, and his execution was rather brutal.

While TWD has seen many a colourful character come and go over the years, there's never been anyone quite like Jesus. The long-haired warrior possessed a unique set of combat skills, which came in rather handy on many occasions. In spite of these fighting talents, however, Jesus was one of the warmest, kindest and all-round awesome characters the post-apocalyptic series had to offer, and actor Tom Payne was splendid in the role.

Jesus' demise will be a disappointment to viewers, many of whom were hoping to see the show's iteration of the iconic comic book character develop into the badass hero they know and love from the source material. There's no doubt that the writers could've done a lot more with Jesus character, but at least we can always reminisce about how brilliant he was.


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