The Walking Dead: 7 Reasons Why Carl's Death Was A HUGE Mistake

7. It Repeats One Of The Show's Worst Habits

The Walking Dead Carl

It's long been a common thought that 'anyone can die' on The Walking Dead and, throughout the show's run, it's often been proved true, as key characters like Dale, Hershel, Tyreese, and Glenn have all bitten the dust.

One of the problems with the show's approach to death, though, is that it's often done purely for a sake of shocking viewers rather than serving the plot and its characters. We've seen it happen with the likes of Andrea, T-Dog, and Beth and, while the show's shock value used to be high, it has dwindled after so many fake-outs and the Negan cliffhanger.

This is a repeat of their tendency to try and leave viewers shook. Carl is such an important figure, and one considered so completely bulletproof, that it's hard to see any other cause for the death other than to prove to its declining fanbase that they can still cause an upset and no one is safe.


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