The Walking Dead: Every Season 10 Episode (So Far) - Ranked Worst To Best

As the show's tenth year goes into hiatus, how has the first half of the season stacked up?


It's hard to believe that The Walking Dead is already ten seasons in, as it feels like just yesterday that we were watching Rick Grimes wake up from his coma only to step into a world ruled by the dead. It's been quite the ride ever since, with some incredible highs that seized the public consciousness and some dreadful lows that soured critics and turned audiences away in droves.

And while it may not be the pop culture juggernaut that it was a few years ago thanks in no small part to the reception of the show's seventh and eighth seasons, many of those who have stuck with the series seem to agree that showrunner Angela Kang has breathed new life into it. After an acclaimed ninth season that saw the departure of its own lead character and introduced the Whisperers, season ten has mostly kept the momentum rolling along, pushing characters new and old to the forefront as the conflict with Alpha and her pack continues to heighten.

Now that the first half of season ten has come to an end, beginning the wait for the show's return in February, let's take a spoiler-filled look back over the eight episodes we've gotten so far in order to sort out the cream of the undead crop...


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