The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere: 2 Ups & 4 Downs From ‘Adaptation’

A lack of focus on what's important makes this mid-season premiere pretty poor.

The Walking Dead Adaptation

Contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 9.

Since the shocking mid-season finale saw a deadly bunch of new antagonists arrive on the scene, viewers have been dying to know what's next for the mainstays of The Walking Dead. The death of Jesus understandably left quite a few people annoyed, but his demise brought with it the revelation that The Whisperers are simply humans masquerading as walkers. For the first time in years, The Walking Dead had become interesting again.

Adaptation picks up from where the previous instalment had left off, and finds Michonne, Daryl, Aaron and Eugene trying to evade their new enemy, in the hopes of making it back to Hilltop, so that they could inform everyone about the death of their hero. Of course, things don't quite go to plan, as our survivors encounter a few threats along the way.

Elsewhere, Negan manages to hightail it out of Alexandria, hoping to seek a new purpose in life - but purpose is far from what he finds when he arrives at his old home.

The Walking Dead's ninth season has been something of a revelation and, although Jesus' death proves the showrunners still haven't fully learned from their past mistakes, the series has made significant improvements to better itself. Having said that, Adaptation isn't one of Season 9's better efforts, and given this season started off with a lot of promise, this one is a bit disappointing.


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