The Walking Dead Season 7: 8 Characters Who Will (Probably) Die Before The End

8. Jared

The Walking Dead Jared
Gene Page/AMC

Given the war will be fought against the Saviours, I can't see too many of them being killed off before we get to the conflict proper. They may have vast numbers that even outweigh what the allied forces of Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom et al can cobble together, but in terms of names they're considerably lacking.

While each of those communities have characters we know and recognise, the Saviours comes mostly down to Negan. After him there's Simon, Dwight (who'll probably turn anyway), Gavin, and then just a load of faces.

It seems unlikely, then, that any of those named above would be killed now, rather than during the war. That just leaves Jared as a known name and face, and someone who could be expendable, giving Rick and co a small victory (ideally Ezekiel , Morgan, or someone else from the Kingdom will be the one who gets to kill him).

Jared has nothing going for his character other than the fact he's a complete dick, and at that one way down the pecking order of the Saviours. It's hard to imagine his own men would be too sad to see him go, and after everything he's done this season death would be a sweet way of capping things off.


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