The Walking Dead Season 7: 8 Characters Who Will (Probably) Die Before The End

Only two episodes remain, and not everyone will be making it out alive.

The Walking Dead Morgan
Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead is headed for war.

Season 7 has only two episodes left, which means it's going to have to get a move on (and stop just hanging around at places like the Hilltop). While the war itself will mostly occur during Season 8, meaning these two instalments are all about bringing people together, quickening the pace, and really ramping up the conflict.

One of the ways to truly establish the stakes is with a few character deaths, something the series is never normally shy of anyway. While a lot of the huge cast will need to be saved to form armies in the bigger battles to come, and there are those the show obviously won't kill off (Rick, Carl, and almost certainly Daryl), few others can be considered too safe.

Whether they've reached the natural end of their arc, the cast member is off to do other things, or murdering them would make a massive impact on the show and its characters, we can make a few educated guesses at who won't make it out of the season alive. With just a couple of instalments remaining, The Walking Dead needs to stop killing time, and start killing off some characters instead.


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