The X-Files Revival Trailer: 20 Things You Need To See

The truth is still out there.

The X-Files Revival has been one of the biggest stories in television so far in 2015. While it wasn't the first series to announce its intention to return (both Heroes Reborn and Twin Peaks beat production company 1013 to the punch), it is by far the biggest. The X-Files was a T.V. juggernaut and pop culture phenomenon in its heyday, and it still has millions of rabid fans around the globe. Fans who, in this case, have been patiently waiting for any new footage of the show to emerge. Scratch that. Did we say "patiently waiting?" Try foaming at the mouth in anticipation. With the release of the first full trailer for the new, shortened season (a mini-season if not a mini-series, as there's no indication as of yet that each episode will be linked, and creator Chris Carter has gone on record stating that there will be a mixture of monster of the week and mythology episodes), their prayers have been answered - and there are a lot of interesting tidbits in the new trailer for fans to comb over.

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