One of the longest running cartoons in TV history, South Park has grown from a crudely drawn show about four boys swearing their hilarious little mouths off to a culturally relevant social commentary. The show’s ability to produce whole episodes within a week gives the show a unique ability to deliver a satirical message about the current affairs in the world – and usually that message will not only make a lot of sense, but also have the viewer laughing their ass off.

To pick the five best episodes out of 200 is pretty impossible, as many episodes simply could not be improved upon, but I have given it a go anyway.


5. Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina

Though this episode may not exactly be one of the “laugh-out-loud” kind of shows, it is a great testament to how South Park can be simultaneously weird (and I mean WEIRD!) and entertaining at the same time. While the episode starts out ordinarily enough, with Mr. Garrison wanting a sex change, we soon end up with Kyle’s dad undergoing a “dolphinoplasty”, with the results looking frankly disturbing.

Kyle, meanwhile, gets surgery to become black and taller so that he can play basketball – the only problem being that the surgeon did not intend on Kyle ACTUALLY playing basketball, and Mr Garrison’s testicles, which were inserted into Kyle’s knees to make him taller, end up exploding. Definitely one of the most messed up episodes ever, but a wonderful and unique way of conveying how people could be considered too eager to use cosmetic surgery in our modern culture.

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This article was first posted on October 22, 2012