Young Justice: Outsiders - 5 Ups & 1 Down From The Midseason Finale

Did Young Justice's midseason finale crash the mode?

Young Justice Outsiders Ups Downs 4
DC Universe

Contains spoilers from Young Justice: Outsiders Episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Since returning to screens after its six-year absence, Young Justice has wasted no time reminding viewers why it received such adoration in the first place. Making its comeback earlier this month, the show's new season, 'Outsiders', centred on the outbreak of metahuman trafficking in Markovia - a narrative that progressed rather quickly due to the fact that three new episodes arrived on the DC Universe weekly.

However, this week, the streaming service unveiled four episodes, the last of which served as the midseason finale, bringing an end to the show's first stint since its return. Much like their predecessors, 'Exceptional Human Beings', 'Another Freak', 'Nightmare Monkeys' and 'True Heroes' all furthered the central storyline in their own way, each one spotlighting specific characters in a bid to answer some of the season's major questions, while setting the stage for an even bigger second half.

All in all, these final episodes are just another four examples of how Young Justice's revival has been a resounding success, leaving us in awe of the writing, narrative progression and character development that took place in each episode. But, the most important thing that these outings have left us with is the overwhelming desire to see more.

First, the positives...


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