10 Absolute Best Matches WWE Could Present In 2018

Warning: Daniel Bryan features A LOT.


Right now, WWE is arguably blessed with a group of wrestlers more naturally gifted than any roster ever assembled by a single wrestling promotion.

Unlike previous generations, very few of the current crop are noticeably bad workers. There's barely anyone the sight of whose name on an upcoming pay-per-view card causes you to roll your eyes and sigh, and that can only be a good thing for the quality of the product inside the ring (which, as most of us agree, is the most important part).

That said, not all matches are created equal. While just about any two members of the WWE roster these days are capable of putting on a half-decent in-ring spectacle, only a select group of pairings really set our pulses racing - and some of them could take a giant step towards becoming a reality after day two of the Superstar Shake-Up on SmackDown.

Hell, even pairings which are ostensibly impossible because two dream ring partners are currently on separate shows aren't totally off-limits here. WWE has never enforced brand segregation with any seriousness anyway, especially if there's money to be made.