10 Best Decisions That WCW Ever Made

Hey, it wasn't all bad...

Rey Mysterio Eddie Guerrero Halloween Havoc 1997

When remembering WCW it's easy - and kind of fun - to focus on the bad. World Championship Wrestling had the world in the palm of its hand, but flushed away their empire by making a seemingly endless series of bizarre business decisions. Some of which involved David Arquette.

But it's important to remember that WCW would have never even got the chance to have such a spectacular fall from grace if they hadn't risen to the top of the industry in the first place. While success is made up of at least a little luck, it would be foolish to say that WCW became the success they were by accident. Instead, their empire was actually built upon a series of good decisions that would forever alter the course of the company and the entire wrestling industry.

Some of these are so incredible, in fact, that you may find it hard to believe they were made by the same company that once had Robocop rescue Sting from The Four Horsemen. So the next time you and your friends get ready for a classic round of WCW bashing, try to remember some of these moments as well.


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